El Dwellers are an international amalgam of inspired artistic  minds. The Borohov twins, Ariel and Alon, have largely resided in Mongolia and Israel, but during their high school years in the US,  the brothers met Jake Ross with whom they forged a mutual obsession with sound and recording. The group has acquired a cult following across many countries and has played all around the world. This new album is a culmination of over 5 years of meticulous writing based on journeys and experiences. In execution, Gino Wong, a notable independent producer from the US, and Hed Gilboa, a brilliant engineer originally from Australia, served to harness the teeming creativity of this  threesome. They convened in Israel and the result is "Transfixed" a recording that has a story to tell and something to offer everyone.

eL Dwellers are currently residing in Philadelphia where the band started and playing shows to promote their new album Transfixed. We are excited to share this music with you, so come check out one of our shows!